Five Ways to Keep Your Kids Safer When Socializing


Internet Access

About two weeks ago my anti-virus program e-mailed this. I thought it was rather interesting. To bad most parents probably don’t do it.

1) Talk with them about what they do online. Check out their social websites (and any personal profiles they’ve posted)—and set up your own account and profile on those sites. Also, familiarize yourself with the latest Internet trends.

2) Establish clear ground rules. Limit the amount of them [sic] they’re allowed to spend online. Discuss what should never be shared with others: passwords, phone numbers, full names, addresses, where they go to school, etc.

3) Keep tabs on their online messages. Make sure their communications are appropriate, including instant messages, e-mail, and e-mail attachments.

4) Encourage your child to ask for help. Tell them to trust their instinct if anything seems “off” (inappropriate photos, being bullied, or someone asking to meet offline)—and to let you know immediately.

5) Stress that nothing on the Internet is ever private. Whatever they post online is out there for anyone to see (even on a page labeled “private”). Even something e-mailed to one person can then be forwarded to thousands more.

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