Health Care: Is Government’s Solution the Best?

If you think the government can provide health care, ask yourself a few questions. How’s VA health care? (shabby and out of money) How’s Medicare? (good but bankrupt) How’s government handling other services (DMV, Post Office, etc.)?

There’s no doubt that the health care system is messed up, but who messed it up? It’s government lack of regulation that prevents one from buying insurance across state lines. It’s government tax code that connects insurance with your job. It’s the third-party payer system that helps to drive cost up and quality down.

Unlike many reports from D.C., there is a free market alternative to government-ruined health care. Read up at There are hours of research compiled here. Don’t let it go to waste while you watch reruns.

What if the government took over cable?

This is the best post I’ve read to help you understand about the current health care situation. It’s kind of long, but well worth the time.

Here are a couple others.
Complete Analysis of the Government Take-over and Socialization of Healthcare
Health Care Socialism or Health Care Corporatism?
Doctor Speaks Out at Town Hall Event
Fun Health Regulation Fact
The Rising Cost of Healthcare….
Of Third Party Payer Systems
The Road to Health Care Serfdom
Health care is unequivocally not a right


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