The House Passes the Monstrosity

Well, tonight is the first step to the completion of another of Obama’s “promises.” (Too bad he isn’t as peaceful as he was during the primaries.) The Health Care bill (H.R. 3962) passed with a vote of 220-215, and the funny thing is that it is bipartisan because one confused, green representative from Louisiana voted “yea.” My rep voted for it and you can bet before the week is up she will be hearing from me. See how your rep voted and contact them accordingly. Even as I listen to coverage of the bill and its passage, I am hearing that this is for the people and this is what the people wanted. I though this bill was oppose by most Americans?! This bill will eventually cause prices to rises, cause shortages in supply, allow the government take over of health, and penalize those who don’t want or someway can’t afford the cost. With all the bad legislation being shoved down our throat, I think that most important subject Americans can study and learn is economics. Please learn! (There was one positive item stuck in the bill, I’m sure to get votes. The government ban on abortion funding was upheld.)

    • tommoriarty
    • November 8th, 2009

    The house has passed a health care bill.

    There will be a revolt, one way or another.

    Best Regards

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