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A Pro-Life Paradox I

This is the new Pro-Life battle. Which side are you on? What is that the limit of our Pro-Life position? I’ll tell you where the two “main” candidates stand–on the other side! So how will your vote show your stand on Pro-Life this Tuesday?


Global Warming: The Other Side

Great Videos on the subject!

via Global Warming: The Other Side | KUSI – News, Weather and Sports – San Diego, CA | Coleman’s Corner.

Trends Research 2010 Trends

This information should be self explanatory.

Here are some of Gerald Celente’s health, environmental, social, entertainment, cultural, business and consumer trends for 2010.

• The Crash of 2010: The Bailout Bubble is about to burst. Be prepared for the onset of the Greatest Depression.

• Depression Uplift: The pursuit of elegance and affordable sophistication will raise spirits … and profits.

• Terrorism 2010: Years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq – and now Pakistan – have intensified anti-American sentiment. 2010 will be the year of the lone-wolf, self-radicalized gunman.

• Neo-Survivalism: A new breed of survivalist is devising ingenious stratagems to beat the crumbling system. And, they’re not all heading for the hills with AK-47’s and pork & beans.

• Not Welcome Here: Fueled by fear and resentment, a global anti-immigration trend will gather force and serve as a major plank in building a new political party in the US.

• TB or Not TB: With two-thirds of Americans Too Big (TB) for their own good (and everyone else’s), 2010 will mark the outbreak of a “War on Fat,” providing a ton of business opportunities.

• Mothers of Invention: Taking off with the speed of the Internet revolution, “Technology for the Poor” will be a major trend in 2010, providing products and services for newly downscaled Western consumers and impoverished consumers everywhere.

• Not Made In China: A “Buy Local,” “My Country First” protectionist backlash will deliver a big “No” to unrestrained globalism and open solid niches for local and domestic manufacturers.

• The Next Big Thing: Just as the traditional print media (newspapers/magazines) were scooped by Internet competition, so too will new communication technologies herald the end of the TV networks as we know them.

Here is a sample of the latest Trends Journal.

Global Warming: Real or Fiction?

I’m not going to profess that I know a lot about the subject of global warming. I do remember attempting to study it out. I watched An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary is very, very emotional. Then, I listened to The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism). The book mentioned that much of the data used in An Inconvenient Truth is incorrect or blown out of proportion. The bottom-line that I see is the environmental position is constantly vying for more and more power. The EPA just announced that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. The CO2 that I exhale is pollution. Isn’t carbon dioxide need by all plants and a necessary component for life? Below are three videos with (I think.) good information about the topic.

The Green House Conspiracy

Global Warming or Global Governance

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Before you make your decision, remember the Ozone Layer (It was big news when I was growing up.). Oh, I should probably change the title to Climate Change because global warming is outdated.

Losing the Bill of Rights

With the trial of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in New York and Guantanamo moving to Illinois, the Bill of Rights are being locked away again. It’s a shame how many people don’t see the Pandora’s box being opened when we allow our government to disregard the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. With many (mainly Conservatives) blasting the decision to try Mohammed on American soil and close down the unConstitutional Guantanamo Bay detention facility, one has to wonder what we are thinking. “Terrorism” is still a federal crime in the U.S. code.

Given that federal officials now wield the power to treat one federal criminal offense—terrorism—as either a crime or an act of war, there is no inherent reason why such power cannot be expanded to encompass other federal crimes, such as drug offenses. In fact, given the interrelationship between drug dealing and terrorism, one can easily imagine that federal officials will eventually expand their war on terrorism powers to the war on drugs. All that’s needed is the right crisis. It’s a matter of time before the president and Defense Department find ever more uses for this alternate system of justice that conveniently sidesteps the Bill of Rights.

Read an excellent article here, Losing the Bill of Rights.

Health Care Goes Further Down The Toilet

Cloture was agree to by a vote of 60-40. We can expect a final vote on it Thursday evening. Contact your Senator and tell them you want your health freedom this Christmas. NO on government further intrusion into health care.

Christmas in America

I find it amazing that many Christians will fight to have something in public, but won’t practice it in private. For example, I took my family to see some “Christmas” lights at a known spot after church today. I found it kind of appalling and disappointing that I saw only two Nativity scenes in a four block area.

Would to God we had people like this that practiced this in private.

How many churches bicker about the Ten Commandments being taken down in the public arena, but have forgotten to put it up in their Christian school?