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Message from Moscow *again

Why is it that Moscow has to warn us about so many things-our socialist/communist bent, etc. Here we go again! When will we ever head?

A Message from Moscow for Obama


Questions Regarding The Fort Hood Massacre

Chuck Baldwin writes an excellent article asking three vary important about the Fort Hood Massacre.

By now, virtually everyone has read and reread the copious news accounts of the terrible shooting a few weeks ago at Fort Hood, Texas. This column will not attempt to add new details to what is already a highly scrutinized tragedy. However, I do want to pose three basic questions that, to me, are extremely glaring and, for the most part, absent from the discussion.

Question 1: Why were the soldiers not armed?
Question 2: If the federal government–including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, etc., with billions of dollars worth of technology; tens of thousands of snoops, spooks, and intelligence gatherers; and myriad Patriot Act-type laws–could not protect US soldiers on one of the most tightly secured and heavily guarded military installations in America, how can anyone in the country possibly not break out in cacophonous laughter when politicians tell us we need to surrender more liberties so that they might pass more laws to protect us crummy little peons? Or is it that, because Hasan was a Muslim, the politically correct nincompoops in charge gave him a pass?
Question 3: How could one man (with no combat experience) armed with only two handguns fire over 100 rounds (demanding he reload at least 3 times) into a crowd of scores and hundreds of fearless combat-trained warriors? I must confess: this is the question that bothers me the most.

Don’t stop there! Read the whole article.

Another reason Why the Troops Should Come Home

Dogs Going Crazy as Their Soldiers Return Home

90,000 Casualties, but Who’s Counting?

Usually, there is nothing more powerful than a personal story to pound home the cost of eight years of war overseas, but I think today there is something even more disturbing to bear.

It’s the number 89,457 [.doc].

90,000 Casualties, but Who’s Counting?

America’s Worst Month in Afghanistan

This was posted at C4L.

October has been the bloodiest month of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Fifty-five have been killed in the course of the U.S. occupation this month. This is a staggering drain on American blood and treasure. There was a time when this many American soldiers, dying in a foreign country in just one month, would have been considered most significant. It is quite a testament to the country’s imperial mentality that such a death count is ignored, while an empty balloon, thought to have a child in it, falling safely to the ground, is watched by 20 million Americans.