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Air Tran Flight 297 (not reported correctly?!?)

When I first posted a pdf from Dr. Keith Robinson about the Air Tran Flight 297, the only thing I could find on it was reporting about a passenger not getting off his cell phone. About a week later more stories popped up about it. It is now said that this incident is being kept low profile because Air Tran does not want a law suit. Here is another article with even more documented and investigated information about the incident. It’s amazing how politically correct our society is trying to be even if lives could be at stake. I know drawing the line between profiling to prevent something and civil rights violations seems shady sometimes. We should look beyond the race and language of the individuals to the unusual behavior that they were demonstrating.

Investigator: Air Tran fears ‘flying imams’ fallout


Air Tran Flight 297 Incident

This is an interesting story sent to my e-mail today. I thought it was good. Air Tran Flight 297 Incident.
It’s interesting what the media reported about the incident. We need to stop “Political Correctness.”