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Unintended Consequence of Technology in Christian Ministries

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Unintended Consequences. The year was 1945. The month was February. The Big Three (President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin) met at the Black Sea resort of Yalta. President Roosevelt would enlist the support of Salin’s Russia to fight the Japanese (which never really happened) while many concessions would be given to Russia in the process. A result of those concessions would be the Cold War. One of the covert operations during the Cold War was the CIA’s arming of fundamentalist groups (the most notable of these groups being Al-Qaeda) to oust the Russians occupying Afghanistan. Over two decades and many attacks (most notably 9/11) later, we are fighting the very group we armed as our secret ally.

We all know that decisions have consequences. Whether it’s catching a late-night show and dealing with the exhaustion the following day or procrastinating on a project and accepting the accompanying stress or lower quality output, each decision has an associated consequence.

YouTube or Vimeo. Visuals are in. The best way to communication is through the medium of video, but hosting your own video can also be a daunting task. Because of this, many ministries default to a video sharing website such as: YouTube or Vimeo.  Is this a wise solution? Allow me to illustrate. The other day Bro. Esposito gave a perfect example of using or distributing YouTube videos. He received a link to a YouTube video about a topic that he was interested in. (I should also mention that he received it from a preacher and that the video was of another preacher.) He noticed in the related videos section a pornographic video. I wonder how many of our members have been confronted with that temptation because of us.

Skits. Teenagers can be a difficult group to work with. They are so media orientated that sometimes it can be hard to relate or keep their attention. Because of this difficulty, we have looked to what our teenagers watch for solutions. I have watched many skits and youth conference themes over the past few years and it is amazing how much they look like the world. If we are going to preach against the world and its things, is it wise to flavor our fun and activities worldly?

Technology is wonderful. I love to deploy new technology and watch its usefulness save time and money and help people. If we are not careful, we can also allow technology to be an unholy hindrance to our members.

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